Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs)

All three CRAs have credit learning/education pages on their websites, which discuss topics like credit report basics, managing credit scores, and identity theft, and they provide a glossary of credit-related terms. — click on Education — click on Credit Education — click on Learn & Support

Free Credit Reports and Credit Scores

  • — Free credit report from TransUnion using VantageScore 3. The TransUnion credit report provides information to help you increase your credit score. The timeline feature included with the credit report advises if closing an account will lower your credit score.
  • — Free VantageScore 3 with Equifax and TransUnion credit reports.
  • — Free VantageScore 3 and TransUnion credit report.
  • — Free FICO 8 credit score from Experian.
  • — Free VantageScore 3 with TransUnion credit report.
  • — Free credit report every twelve months from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Will not include credit scores.
  • — Free credit report and FICO 8 score every thirty days with Experian. Excellent summary of credit report and credit score showing your credit utilization rate.